King of the Bavarian Forest

Großer Arber Natura 2000 site

King of the Bavarian Forest

Welcome to the Arber summit!

At 1456 metres, the Großer Arber is the highest mountain in the Bavarian-Bohemian Massif. Five huge rocky outcrops protrude from the summit plateau like the remains of a crown.

Many visitors come to the Großer Arber in summer to experience the natural wonders and magnificent views. In winter, they take advantage of the fabulous sporting opportunities. The summit plateau provides a species-rich home for many rare and protected plants, some of which are unique to the Bavarian Forest. This is why the Großer Arber is also a Natura 2000 site, and part of the network of protected areas in Europe. The summit area is strictly off limits to walkers.

Adventure trail:

The summit area can be enjoyed via a stunning circular hiking trail. Along this trail you can learn more about geology, nature conservation, flora and fauna. Take the time to experience this unique landscape!

Numbers, data, facts

  • Height – 1455.6 m above sea level
  • Mean annual temperature: 3.4 °C
  • Mean annual rainfall: approximately 1460 mm
  • Depth of snow in winter: approximately 2–4 m
  • Plants – largest extra-alpine concentration of glacial relict species
  • A large number of endangered animal species – lynx, capercaillie, three-toed woodpecker, peregrine falcon

“The Arber

I stand high above the

other mountains and hills,

and I am rightly

King of the forest;

over Bohemia’s climes and Bavaria’s plains

I look northwards to the great peaks,

southwards to the Alps.”

This poem is from the first travel guide to the Bavarian Forest by Bernhard Grueber and Adalbert Müller, published in 1846.

Take care when visiting the Arber summit plateau! You too can help keep the natural world of the Großer Arber in a pristine state for future generations. Please observe the following rules:

- Do not stray from the paths

- Keep dogs on a leash

- Do not pick flowers or dig up the plants

- Do not leave litter

- Drone flights are prohibited

- No cycling around the summit

A big hello from the Arber!

1,456 metres above sea level. This is the highest point in the Bavarian Forest; it doesn’t get any higher. How tall was the highest mountain you climbed? Can you set a new record with the Großer Arber?