The natural and cultural landscape of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park, combined with its diverse flora and fauna, continues to fascinate its residents and visitors who return again and again.
The unmistakable Bavarian Forest landscape, comprising extensive wooded areas, age old cultural heritage features, crystal clear streams and rivers and secret mires, awakes the desire to forget the stress of our technological world and to relax in an atmosphere of pure nature.

The wealth of diversity on offer has led to the area becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. At the same time the increased pressure from tourism has caused concerns over the long-term conservation of the area's special charm.

Thus, one of the main aims of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park is, in addition to the protection of nature and landscapes, to inform locals and tourists alike about the special characteristics of the region, the risks posed to them and how they can be protected for future generations.
By this means a relaxing experience in harmony with nature can be achieved.

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