An amazing natural spectacle!

Großer Arbersee Nature Reserve and Natura 2000 site

An amazing natural spectacle!

Welcome to the Großer Arbersee!

Here on the eastern flank of the Arber, at the foot of the 416-metre-high Arberseewand (the Arber cirque), lies the Großer Arbersee (Greater Arber Lake). The basin and steep cirque were formed by frost and glaciation during several ice ages. In addition to the impressive native forest areas, “floating islands”, which only exist in this form on the two Arbersee lakes, are a botanical anomaly.

Because of its natural and scenic significance, this 157-hectare area was designated a nature reserve in 1939. It is also a natural forest reserve and Natura 2000 site and therefore part of the network of protected areas in Europe.

More detailed information about the origins, history, flora and fauna of the Arbersee can be found on a series of information boards along the gentle, easily accessible circular hiking trail. Take the time to experience this unique landscape!

The Großer Arbersee in brief:

Age –                                      approximately 10,000 years old

Size –                                      7.72 ha

Altitude –                               935 m above sea level

Maximum depth –                 16 m

Catchment area –                  2.58 km²

Circular route –                      around one hour of walking time


The nature reserve also needs your protection! You can help conserve nature at the Großer Arbersee by leaving it in a pristine state for future generations. Please observe the following rules:

- Do not stray from the paths

- Do not pick flowers or dig up the plants

- Do not leave litter

- Keep dogs on a leash

- Cycling is prohibited in the nature reserve

- Swimming and bathing are prohibited

Welcome to the Großer Arbersee!

The fascinating backdrop of a dark lake, steep rock face, mighty trees and majestic mountain. What impresses you the most? Take a picture with your family or friends as a memory of this unique place.