Aims and tasks

Protection of nature and landscape management

Nature Park Bavarian Forest

In the Bavarian Forest Nature Park, various measures are taken to protect rare, endangered and characteristic species of the region, such as the otter, the river pearl mussel or bats and their biotopes. The last remnants of natural and near-natural areas can be secured through purchase. In addition, the cultural landscape developed and influenced by humans over centuries can be supported through measures such as the maintenance of meadow orchards and the planting of orchards.


Promotion and support of sustainable regional development

Nature parks are regions in which nature and landscape conservation go hand in hand with regional development. This includes increasing value creation in rural areas, e.g. by promoting environmentally sound land use and regional economic cycles, and by supporting village and settlement development that is typical of the landscape.
The nature parks support cultural and artistic activities that strengthen regional identity and uniqueness and make life in the region attractive and varied. Through their own offers and by supporting initiatives and projects, the nature parks help to further develop their region and thus form an important factor in the planning and shaping of regional processes.


Environmental education and public relations

Our employees communicate actively with the respective regional managers as well as with visitors. They convey the goals of landscape and nature conservation to the various groups of visitors and they get involved in the development processes of the region in a cooperative manner.

The Bavarian Forest Nature Park informs the public through continuous press and media work and communicates factual information and current leisure activities for visitors. The employees of the nature park administration are available to schools, educational institutions and nature-interested visitors for guided tours and as experts. They develop environmental education activities and support schools and non-school institutions in implementing environmental education programmes. In this way, nature parks make an important contribution to environmental education and public relations work.


Development of sustainable tourism

The Bavarian Forest Nature Park creates spaces for experiencing nature and promotes tourism offers that take into account the demands of nature and landscape conservation as well as the uniqueness of the region. The protected area actively participates in ecotourism development and networking. In this way we increase the attractiveness of the region and become an important partner in regional development and marketing.